App Store Sales

Are you looking to sell your app? We purchase apps either as total purcahse or we invest in your app. We have funds available that can purchase your app if you are looking to sell an app that is currently in the app store.

Investor for Shopify App

We are able to invest in your shopify app or if you are looking to sell a shopify app we are the people to speak to. You may be looking to sell your entire app or may be looking to find a buyer for part of your shopify app. We have funds ready and available and can quickly purchase your app.

What apps do we look for?
We are looking for apps that are earning revenue, regardless of the level of profitability. We can keep your exisiting team on board or keep you as a developer on board and pay a salary for you to continue working with the app. We buy shopify apps across all sectors.

How does the process work?
Once you submit an inquiry form, one of our managers will call you to find out information about your app. We look at revenue, traffic statistics, assess the market in which you operate and are then able to fairly quickly provide you with an offer to purchase your app. We can keep you involved in the business