Sell my app

We are able to purchase your shopfiy or appstore app if you are looking to sell

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Loans for Apps

We are able to provide loans to assist in providing funds for the growth of your app.

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Finance for Apps

We can tailor a lending package to help you with selling part of your app and retaining control or borrowing against the cashflow of your app

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Since 1993

Sell an App & AppStore Loans


At 'Sell or Fund' we provide options whether you are looking to sell an app or borrow money to facilitate the growth of an app. We provide a competitive alternative to VC investment in an app and enable qualified applicants to receive funds to help with growing their app or selling an app.


We understand technology, and know how to value the growth potential of apps. We operate in a hands on manner and provide you personalized and customized service.


We have experience in buying and selling apps. The difference between us and using a broker to sell an app is that we are a qualified direct buyer that can operate transparently and be able to give you an offer on your app at the best price that we know you can receive from us for the sale of an app.


Our process for when you want to sell an app is simple, quick, clear and transparent. We also have experience in lending and loans for app developers and can allow you either to use the funds to grow your business or to cash out if you are looking to derisk or use the funds to work on other app development projects. We understand the needs of app developers and that the market for selling an app is one best handled by those who understand the unique characteristis of your technology.


Additionally we provide a viable alternative to venture capital funds and can allow you to remain in control of the apps future growth and developement. We are able to lend to apps that already have other shareholders or existing VC's in place.


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